At Kien Den we have four core values which form the cornerstones of our organisation. These are Happyness, Devotion, Honesty, Action.
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Happiness - We believe that personal well being is the ultimate goal of all human aciton and hence we put happyness above all esle. From day one we teach our staff the secrets of being blissed out no matter what the situation and this is actually what drives and motivates our people, be it in their professional careers or while attending to their personal day to day activities.
At Kien Den Trading Company, we don’t believe in doing anything HARD, this includes – Working Hard. We always encourage all our people to work Happily.
Our mantra is “Don’t do anything HARD, whatever  you do, do it happily. If you think it is HARD, give it up” 

Devotion – It is said that sucess is the meeting of preparedness and opputurunity. We at Kien Den Trading Company take this one step further by adding devotion to the equation. Our people are highly devoted to what they do which in turn ensures that success comes naturally.

Honesty – A simple enought concept that is imbibed in all our staff - Honesty to oneself and honesty with others.

Action – Problems don’t solve themselves and hence at Kien Den Trading Company we encourage our people to act. Our mentoring programmes teach our staff about focussed and insightful action which essentially means applying the right action at the right time to yield positive results.
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