1. How is your product different from syrups?
Our  product contains 27-30% real fruit, fruit pulp plus Class II permitted preservative. Syrups generally contain artificial color and  artificial/ synthetic flavors.

2. How do I store this products? Do I need to refridgerate it after I open. Are they any special storage conditions?
You can store it at room temperature in a cool dry place. Please see label for information on storage conditions

3. How long can I store this product for if the product is un-opened and after it is opened?
This product can be stored for 12month from the date of manufacturing, even after it is opened. Please read the lable for storage informiaton.

4. Can you deliver on request?
In a week, we have allocated free delivery days for each area. If you accept delivery on these days, delivery is free regardless of the quantity. If you need us to deliver on any other day we have a nominal delivery charge depending on quantity.

5. Can we return your products?
Yes, please read our company’s return policy for further information.

6. How do you accept payment?
We accept cash on delivery and bank transfer.

7. Do you offer discounts?
Yes we offer discounts depending on quantity. Please call our sales desk or send an enquiry to sales@kienden.com
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